My Practice

For thousands of years people instinctively sought out the nourishment their bodies needed. Each person was their own healer, listening to their body's symptoms as a guide to wellness. Today we have stopped listening to our symptoms and started quieting them. We have started asking other people how we are instead of asking ourselves. What we have forgotten is that when our bodies are not properly nourished they cannot thrive, and when they cannot thrive they will tell us the only way they can: symptoms.  

How are you?  

Throughout history, healers around the globe have documented healing phenomena and were then able to guide people who could not help themselves. Today, conventional science is starting to uncover the science backing traditional wisdom of holistic healing. As your practitioner I will guide you on your journey in finding your inner healer. Together we will listen and nourish your path towards health and wellness. We will respect your body's opinion of how you live your life and allow innate healing because your body wants to be well.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. -Hippocrates


So what can you expect during an appointment?

We will discuss where you've been, where you are, and where you would like to go.

We will have educationally empowering conversation.

We will take non judgmental measurements.

We will work together to create a nourishing plan that is personalized to your needs.

We will track progress and milestones.