Private Nutritional Counseling

For those who are ready to make long lasting diet and lifestyle changes for themselves or their family. Counseling sessions are available in person or over Skype, Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm.


Counseling sessions include but are not limited to:

  • A case study conducted on each individual participating that will outline convention and traditional interventions, contraindications, and any other appropriate considerations for each individual.
  • Measurement tracking that may include but is not limited to TANITA, Blood Pressure, nutrition focused physical exam.
  • Nutritional, supplemental, exercise, and lifestyle suggestions tailored to the individual.
  • Informational hand outs, recipes, and referrals when appropriate.
  • Email/phone support from Taylor between appointments.


Available Consultation’s

Free 15 minute phone consult

  • Taylor offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to new clients to help them better understand how nutrition could benefit them or their family and if they are ready to make change.

Individual Consultations

  • Initial Consult - $120
  • Follow Up’s - $90

Family Consultations

  • Initial Consult - $120 + $30 per person
  • Follow Up’s - $90 + $30 per person


Number and frequency of appointments depends on the individual’s compliance level and the severity and complexity of the case. After three consultations Taylor will be able to better gage the commitment necessary to effect change.


Insurance and Collaboration's

Original Nourishment does not participate in insurance reimbursement. There are a select few diagnosis’s that must be issued by a doctor in order to get nutrition reimbursement from an insurance company and even those do not pay a significant enough amount back in order to justify the additional work involved. It is my belief that if you learn how to optimally nourish your body, medical interventions will be far and few between rendering the cost of nutritional services priceless.

That being said, I am happy to write up a report of findings for doctor and open a line of communication with them about your case. I believe that conventional medicine and traditional wisdom must partner together to utilize all resources available when learning about the human form.



Cooking Demonstrations

For those who are new to holistic cooking, looking to expand their recipe box, curious about nutrition but not quite ready to schedule an appointment, and/or wanting to engage in stimulating conversation over nourishing food! All are welcome!


Demonstrations may include but are not limited to

  • 60-90 minutes of a cooking demonstration
  • Education that covers how to prepare the food and the healing benefits
  • Recipe cards for all foods prepared


Available Demonstration’s

Group - $30 per person

  • Group demonstrations are schedule about once a month and are held within a 20 mile radius of Olney, MD. They are meant for the general public. Topics vary. Check our calendar for future events. Original Nourishment is always open to suggestions for future topics!

Private - Prices vary

  • Private demonstrations can be scheduled through Taylor and are held at the client’s home. They are meant for an individual or a small group wishing to learn more about holistic cooking or a specific topic in the nutrition world. Taylor has education and experience in a wide variety of food preparation ranging from raw foods to stews, vegan to paleo. Clients cover cost of ingredients, prep/behind the scenes time, and demo time.