Yoga and Guided Meditation

For those who are looking to explore a deeper healing and understanding of their mind and body. Group classes and private sessions are available in person.


Yoga Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Short guided meditation in the beginning and the end of each session
  • Guided postures to progressively open and strengthen the body
  • Musical accompaniment appropriate to the speed of the class
  • Breath work
  • Guided body relaxation 


Guided Meditation Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Mild stretching in the beginning to prepare the body for stillness
  • Breath work
  • Deep, guided body and mind relaxation
  • Guided imagery


Available Sessions for Yoga and/or Guided Meditation

Group Classes/Sessions- Prices Vary

  • Studios Classes - Studios vary their prices usually between $10-$16 per class. Must sign up and pay through each studio respectively. (Check the Calendar  for times and locations)
  • Group Party - If you are interested in hosting a private yoga and/or meditation/yoga nidra session for your own party. Taylor will work with you to prepare a class that fits your goals.
    • If you provide the location - $90 + $5 per person
    • If you request that Taylor provide the location - $100 + $5 per person

Private Classes/Sessions- Prices Vary

Individuals/Families or small groups interested in personalized yoga and/or meditation/yoga nidra sessions. Family sessions work best for people interested in working on similar things. Time is spent assessing the needs of the individual/s and the class progresses and develops as needs change. 

  • One on one - $90 per hour
  • Family $90 + $30 per additional person after 1, per hour